Flexble Management Multiple Sensors Yes
Multiple Managers Yes
Graphic User Interface Platform Windows 2000
Mechanism Windows
User Authentication Password Yes
Authority Level Per User 3-Level
메니저 당 센서수   Unlimited
센서 당 메니저수   Max50
Realtime Event Monitoring Yes
Log Viewing Yes
Log Searching Yes
Policy Management Yes
Sensor Status Monitoring Yes
Traffic Utilization Monitoring Yes
Sensor Control Yes
Sensor Configuration Yes
Manager Configuration Yes
Database MS Access(MDB) Support Yes
MS SQL Support Yes
Backup Automatic-Log Backup Yes
Policy Backup Yes
Log Searching Keyword Search Yes
SQL Level Search Yes
Search Result Reporting Yes
Signature Updates Automatic Update(Internet) Yes
Manual Update(Update File) Yes
Help   Yes
  Html-Based Help
File Support
Tracking   Yes
  Support Host
Manager License   Free
Stateful Inspection Stateful Signature Detection Yes Yes
Stateful Content Matching Yes
Protocol Analysis 2GB Yes
Embeded Protocol
TCP Reassembly Yes
IP Defragmentation Yes
HTTP Normalization Yes
Signatures Hardware-Base Yes
Number of Signatures 1400+
Number of Protocols 36+
(HTTP, DNS, NFS, NetBios, etc.)
Access Signature Yes Yes
User-Defined Signature Yes Yes
Protocol Anomaly Yes
Intrusion Prevention   Yes
Response Notify Yes
Logging Yes
Syslog Yes
Email Yes
SNMP Trap Yes
Firewall Yes
Drop Packet(Active) Yes
Threshold Learning Traffic Anomaly/DoS/DDoS Yes
Operational Modes In-Line Mode Yes
Span Mode Yes Yes
Tap Mode Yes Yes
Port Clustering Mode Yes
Virtual Sensor   Yes
IPF™   Yes
Traffic Anomaly
Spam Mail Prevention   Yes
P2P,Messenger Control   Yes
URL Filtering   Yes
  Hardware Specifications
기능분류 상세사항 세부기능
Core Speed NP2G 2 Gigabit Full-Duplex Processing
NP5G 5 Gigabit Full-Duplex Processing
NP10G 10 Gigabit Full-Duplex
Count Memory 8M Byte
DRAM Memory DDR Memory 256M Byte
Frame Memory 내장
Search Engine (CAM) 내장
Session 관리 자체수행
Memory 용량 256M Byte
방식d DDR Memory (72 x 266MHz)h
Pattern Memory 96M Byte
Algorithm BPM™
(Bi-Parallel Matching Algorithm)
Bypass Control 장애 시 네트워크 운영을 위한
Bypass 지원
LCD 표시사항 시스템 상태 및 Packet 처리상황 표시
Media Port 개수 7 Port
Auto Media Selection 지원
Fiber 1000 Base-SX or
Copper - 10/100/1000 Base-T
Auto Negotiation 가능
동작 중 미디어 교체 가능
Console Port 용량 256M Byte
Power Redundant Power 지원
Hot Swap 지원
용량 450 W/module
Partition Unit 개수 4 Unit
Dimensions Height 173 mm
Width 440 mm
Depth 335 mm
Weight 16kg